Meet Our Donors

Frances Hirsh

Bridge to the Future

Frances Hirsh is a native Los Angeleno and former real estate broker. While she used to be a “great golfer,” the 96-year-old now spends most of her retirement playing bridge. One thing she does not do is let her age-related macular degeneration (AMD) get in her way.

“I get shots of Lucentis and Avantis every three months, and it keeps the AMD from getting worse,” she says, adding that AMD does not interfere with anything she does — including bridge and reading.

She and her late husband have been longtime patients of Dr. Tony Nesburn, Discovery Eye Foundation’s medical director — and of his father before him — and Hirsch has been a generous donor to DEF for many years. She included DEF in her estate plan, she says, “Because I believe in the longevity of eyes. Your eyes are the most important part of your body, and I want to help any way I can. DEF’s research program is so important — whatever they can do to help people’s eyes is a wonderful thing.”

Jane Krask

A Vision for the Future

As a Hollywood casting director for more than 20 years, Jane Krask specialized in understanding the vision of powerful directors and producers, then casting the characters that were best for the role. She worked in TV and motion pictures, including such movies as Godfather 2, Chinatown, ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Goonies and many more.

It’s also vision that got her interested in the Discovery Eye Foundation. “Of all the physical misfortunes I could have, losing my vision would be most devastating,” the now-retired Krask says. “It’s my biggest fear. When I go to a dark place of ‘What ifs,” blindness is what most scares me.”

Krask, who has lived in Los Angeles for most of her life, has several close friends with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and an uncle who lost his vision from AMD. She has been a generous benefactor of DEF from some 30 years; it’s a charity supported by her whole family.

“The idea of blindness is looming and scary, and it’s why I put DEF in my estate plan,” Krask says. “I support many charities, and I care passionately about the research DEF is doing. I joined Vision Legacy, because I want DEF to cure blindness. It’s that simple.”